Hire Professional Caricature artist Fannie Le Vasseur to provide these following services:

- Caricatures drawn from pictures (order for a gift)

- Live caricature performance to animate your events or your guests, including:
Office parties, corporate events, congresses, golf tournaments;
Promotion events, hotels, casinos, restaurants; Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties ;
Kids' birthday party...

- School workshops
(from kindergarten to high school)

- Custom digital caricatures for businesses

Original Gift

Did you know you could order a caricature of your relatives, friends, workmates or your boss to surprise them? I can draw from pictures and you can get your order delivered within a short period of time to your home. It is a fun, amazing, artistic, and personalized present to offer to that certain someone. You will be ready for any anniversary, retirement party, VIP banquet, wedding, birthday or any special event! Get a caricature in Cozumel, or at many other locations. Contact the artist for more information: fl@fannielevasseur.com




Office parties, corporate events, congresses, golf tournaments...

You and your colleagues will have a blast watching each other get their caricature done by delightful Fannie Le Vasseur! It is the perfect ingredient for an ice breaker in any work party. Caricatures are a great way to bring those funny personalities or poke fun at peculiarities. Make a lasting memory with your caricature. Hang in your office or your favorite room as a center conversation piece.  This year, get the best caricaturist to animate your event. Watch a video of a live caricature drawing during a corporate event.

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  Promotion Events

Surprise your guests with live drawing caricatures on the red carpet.  Caricatures are very attractive for all age groups … it’s fast! It’s fun! It’s fantastic! Caricatures are a great way to entertain during waiting time, not to mention great for guest engagement. For an original performance, I can draw chocolate caricatures (caricatures drawn only with chocolate) for any type of food event.

Your business logo can be pre-printed on every caricature if you want to promote your business in social media sites.

[photo caption: Caricature events can draw in people for special occasions. Here is a Hong Kong newspaper advertisement for the Ritz Carlton taken in 2015.]

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Bachelor or Bachelorette Party 

For an unforgettable gig, don’t forget to hire a caricaturist!  I can draw you as silly as you get! Group rates for caricatures. (Back to top)



Offer an incredible entertainment and gift to your guests. Your wedding signature can be printed on each caricature so everybody could keep a great personalized souvenir of your special day. For a less conservative presentation, you can substitute the traditional signature wedding book with a matte-framed caricature of your couple where guests can write their congratulations. What a wonderful keepsake to display on your wall.  (Back to top)


Festivals, Carnivals and Fairs

Looking for fun and original entertainment for all age groups? Hire a caricaturist for any festival, carnival or fair. Families can bring home a special souvenir as a memory keepsake. I can promote your festival by printing your logo on every caricatures.

I can provide an attractive setup that includes a tent, booth, signage and displays for caricatures.  It is also a great gift for festival volunteers and special guests. Contact me now to get more information!
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Kids' birthday party

Surprise and entertain the little ones by offering them the chance to discover, “What is a caricature?”. I can go to your home to draw each one with their favorite heroes, idols, pets, sports and much more! (Back to top)



Prom parties or other student events

Graduation parties, proms, or any other special moment you celebrate at school can be the perfect time for a caricature! You can hire me for a couple of hours or for a day to entertain and reward your students by offering them a caricature. (Back to top)

In-Class Caricature Workshops

From kindergarten to the 5th grade of high-school, I offer workshops in class as an introduction to caricature and funny drawings.  Caricatures workshops can be oriented to become a fun way to discuss about many subjects such as diversity, ethics of humor, student newspapers, politicians, global events and so much more.

The Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec (MCCQ) recognizes me as an artist who is competent to teach caricature in schools. In fact, the MCCQ can sponsor schools that require my services for caricature workshops, through the program Culture à l’école. (Back to top)


Edition or publication (for magazines, newpapers, promotion tools, etc.) 

A caricature can be worth a thousand of words! The message of a caricature in a newspaper is meant to punch, to be funny, to watch and be understood by everyone. You can lighten your text by adding a little bit of humor with a caricature. My illustrations are digital and colored by computer. On request, I conceive and draw caricatures for any kind of purpose (printed or online), for advertisement or your business greeting cards. (Back to top)